Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just because I can...

And I left it as a response to a post on LiveJournal...

But it does make an interesting question...what is your Steampunk? Are you a neo-Victorian, an Abney Park style Steampunk or something a little different from that? Here is what I left as a reply:

Alright, this is "MY" Steampunk world....I live in the year 2009... Place: Sydney, Australia.
Britannia still rules the waves.
Queen Victoria still reigns over the Empire. (Don't ask...it has something to do with a cup of tea and a Marconi set)
The use of steam power never ended. Why reinvent the wheel?
And my Elegant Steam has a lot of Punk in it.
It is where the past meets the future in the present.

And if anyone wants to tell me that I'm playing make believe wrong, well, I will be a lady and politely blow a raspberry at you and wander off.

And it is true...I live in the here and now. My Victorian England never ended.


  1. I'm Professor Von Bradley l like all this steampunk but l don't like to be categorised.
    l think it is very important to be an individual and not to be a follower.

  2. Well said Professor! Which is why I said that it was "MY" Steampunk world. There are some that love the idea of my world and there are others that think I'm certifiable for it. Do I care? NOPE! hehehehe

  3. Maduncle agrees entirely and would welcome the opportunity to discuss all things including steampunk in person whilst I am in Sydney.

    SMS me on 0448 324 309 after Monday.

    Toodle Pip!