Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just because I can...

And I left it as a response to a post on LiveJournal...

But it does make an interesting question...what is your Steampunk? Are you a neo-Victorian, an Abney Park style Steampunk or something a little different from that? Here is what I left as a reply:

Alright, this is "MY" Steampunk world....I live in the year 2009... Place: Sydney, Australia.
Britannia still rules the waves.
Queen Victoria still reigns over the Empire. (Don't ask...it has something to do with a cup of tea and a Marconi set)
The use of steam power never ended. Why reinvent the wheel?
And my Elegant Steam has a lot of Punk in it.
It is where the past meets the future in the present.

And if anyone wants to tell me that I'm playing make believe wrong, well, I will be a lady and politely blow a raspberry at you and wander off.

And it is true...I live in the here and now. My Victorian England never ended.

Shades of wrong!

I'm posting this as a warning.....

Steampunk Wallpaper -

This will also be appearing on my LiveJournal account and may even get posted to a couple of the communities, if I haven't been beaten to it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This will show you just how much I care!!!

Yet again, I've toiled to bring you yet more ethernet linkages for you to play with to your heart's desire!

How To Draw Steampunk Machines - Yes, alright! I'll admit it! Fine! I like to draw. Happy now, are we? And no, you won't ever get to see what I draw...I don't think my work is good enough and that is all there is to it.... :P

When Steam meet Wars - Oh yes...I have succumbed to the siren call of Darth Vader and the Dark Side of the Force...did you know that the Dark Side has cookies????

Brass Goggles - The one. The only.

Steampunk Pics
- They have some really nice images there.

Library Thing ~ Steampunk - Want to read rather than surf. Here is the place to start!

Steampunkopedia - Oh...my....

Have fun.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alright my pretties...

I have been searching and trawling and generally making a nuisance of myself on the etherweb, but I have found some wonderful places for you to go and play at!

Instructables ~ Steampunk (general search) - You have to love a bunch of mad tinker-makers!

Instructables ~ Reverse Clock - Oh, how I wish I was better at playing with gears and such! The Steamy potential this has is amazing!

Instructables ~ Electrified Monopoly - Oh Gods! I SO want this!!!!!

Wonder How To ~ Steampunk (general search) - Wonder How To is one of those sites that once you find, you keep going back to.

Artfire Handmade Artisan Items ~ Steampunk (general search) - Never heard of this one? Don't worry, neither had I until a few days ago. They're kind of like Etsy, but far more elitist...*snicker*

Steampunk Wallpapers - I take such joy in wandering through this site!

Darkrising Art - Not all of Aly Fell's work is Steamy, though a lot of it is funny! *If you have a dark, twisted sense of humour, like I do*

Now, take my "work" and spread it near and far...I won't mind...

You know, I would give you something to watch, but, being the techno-ditz that I am, I have yet to work out how to do that here... so I shall link you to it and you will just have to deal with the fact that your loving dictator can't work this etherweb thing!

Steampunk Duel

*giggles and wanders off*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Online Mags and Steampunk...who'da thunk it????

This I found because of The Steampunk Workshop .... VivaLaModa Handmade Fashion. I am actually impressed with a fashion mag!!!! How strange is that? I'm NEVER impressed with fashion mags...mostly because they are populated by vapid bints who need to go and have a good meal, and arses who think they can tell me what size I should be, who I should try and emulate, and that, in actual fact I'm not good enough to be part of the "in" crowd...~issues or what?~ Who said that????

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I think it is about time.....

I actually posted something Steampunk related...don't you??? Thought so...

Wandering the interwebs yesterday I came across this site, Antipodean Steampunk Adventures, which is run by the witty Mad Uncle Cliff.
Now, I do have an Uncle Cliff, but this isn't my Uncle Cliff. My Uncle Cliff doesn't bill himself as "Mad", even though he's as mad as a hatter!....this is a different Uncle Cliff, this is Mad Uncle Cliff, who lives south of the border...whereas my Uncle Cliff lives south and west of the border...hehehehe...have I confused you yet????

So, anyway, Mad Uncle Cliff has inspired me!

The moment I saw his Steampunk Webcam, I knew that I wanted to give it a try! It is something simple that I could give a go and not be intimidated by, which has been the trouble with most of the things I'd like to make...they require more time on my feet than my broken body will allow me...so something I can figure out in my head, time-wise, and then attack is perfect!
I'll have to sit down sometime before payday and work out what I'll need...and where I'll get it all from, and then write up my attack plan for putting it all together.


Sounds like almost as much fun as plotting world domination!

Which reminds me.......*wanders off muttering*