Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a sad world we live in

when legal Copyright is under threat from those who would steal our work. Follow the link and read about John Unger, a wonderful original artist and his fight to retain the copyright to his original work. If you can support him, please do.

John Unger

Below is a small portion of John's fight...

Imitator Sues Artist to Overturn Copyright on Sculptural Art, LLC and owner Rick Wittrig have filed suit against me in federal court seeking to overturn my formally registered copyrights in order to continue selling unlicensed knockoffs of my work. He argues that my original Artisanal Firebowls are not properly classified as sculptural artwork, despite the fact that Wittrig sells his copies at art fairs, describes himself publicly as an artist, and even uses the word art in the name of his business. When Wittrig first launched his website he offered only six designs of firepits all of which bear an uncanny resemblance to my Artisanal Firebowl sculptures. One of these even initially bore the exact same name as my Waves O' Fire. He appears to be mass-producing these designs, and is selling them at discounted prices on several of the largest internet retail sites devoted to outdoor living.

Please, if you can, help John fight this. Because what is happening to him, will happen to more and more original artists. This MUST stop...for all our sakes...

Please repost...get the word out doesn't matter what country you're in, eventually, someone, somewhere, will try the same thing, because a precedent will have been set for their attempt.

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